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February 19, 2024

Madrid, Spain. February 20, 2024 – NEORIS, the global digital accelerator with more than 20 years of experience in the digital transformation of large companies, has announced its participation in the AWS Skills to Jobs Tech Alliance Spain, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) initiative which seeks to strengthen technological training and make it easier for students to start their professional careers by connecting them with employment opportunities. This initiative aims to close the digital skills gap in curricula by working with more than 70 universities and 400 Vocational Training centers to stimulate hiring in areas such as Cloud, software development and data integration, ensuring companies have access to talent prepared and aligned with their needs.

NEORIS, along with other prominent companies, is committed to participating in various activities, such as mentoring, training programs, job fairs and AWS Jam -immersive training in AWS Cloud skills through gamification and real-world problem solving, among other methods. The company will also contribute to the development of final projects, providing internship opportunities and participating in exclusive recruitment events with partner educational institutions.

“The scarcity of available candidates, together with the urgency of meeting the needs of companies, requires additional effort beyond traditional academic models. It’s necessary to train, accompany and promote talent to resolve the current situation. Participating in these types of programs and initiatives, such as the one offered by AWS, is essential, as it addresses a wide and diverse segment of society: young talent, senior talent who opt for reskilling, talent at risk of exclusion, and many other groups. What’s more, it brings people closer to companies they might not have known before to work towards a common goal,” affirms Beatriz Gracia, Head of Talent Acquisition for NEORIS in Spain.

“The technological transformation that companies are carrying out requires training in digital skills to be able to allow prospective talents to advance in their professional careers. Through the Tech Alliance, AWS offers various training programs for different audiences to foster employability for entry-level positions. Thanks to initiatives like this, we have already trained more than 200,000 people in Spain and more than 21 million around the world, with the goal of reaching 29 million by 2025,” explains Iñaki Bilbao, Head of the Tech Alliance in Spain (AWS Skills to Jobs Tech Alliance).

Through the support of this new initiative, NEORIS strengthens its continuous commitment to technological training and the promotion of employability in the digital field. This new community engagement adds to the continued success of "Promoting Talent," the company’s global program to address the growing demands of the technology market. The program aims to train professionals in key areas such as data analytics, CRM, RPA and software development and is designed for people who find themselves in different professional situations: young people without experience, professionals who want to redirect their career towards technology or candidates with experience seeking to re-enter the labor market.


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