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July 01, 2024

Madrid, June 20, 2024 – NEORIS, the global digital accelerator with over 20 years of experience in digital transformation for large enterprises, has once again been recognized by Forbes magazine. This time, Cristina Valles, General Manager and Head of Human Resources in Spain, has been included in their ranking of the Top 100 HR Directors of 2024.

Forbes' annual ranking highlights the most outstanding HR professionals in Spain for their innovation in human resources management. This includes the implementation of advanced technologies, strategies for talent retention, attraction, and development, as well as the creation of work environments that promote employee well-being and motivation.

“At NEORIS, our focus has always been on talent and fostering an environment that promotes the well-being and professional development of our teams. This recognition reflects the hard work we do every day to be a talent-centric company,” says Cristina Valles.

Cristina joined NEORIS in February 2015 as Director of the Telecommunications Market. Since 2018, she has served as General Manager for Spain, and in 2022, she also took on the role of Head of Human Resources for the region. Cristina has ensured steady growth at NEORIS and has played a key role in managing the company in Spain. Her talent-focused approach promotes employee well-being and the development of tech skills. Since joining NEORIS, she has significantly contributed to the company's growth through her leadership and management skills, launching various initiatives to attract and retain talent.

One of the initiatives that have earned NEORIS this recognition is the "Impulsando Talento" program, a talent attraction initiative offering free technology training to individuals in various professional situations, benefiting over 300 people since its launch in 2022.

Furthermore, to increase talent retention rates and ensure a high-quality work environment, NEORIS has programs like "Time Out," which allows teams to share activities related to health, sports, and a healthy lifestyle, and "NEORIS Equal," promoting diversity, equality, respect, tolerance, and inclusion to create a safe and dynamic work environment.

Lastly, another notable initiative is the successful "We Are NEOS" campaign, the first global communication campaign entirely developed with Artificial Intelligence, creating real, futuristic, and personalized avatars in order for NEORIS talent to become brand ambassadors promoting the company's values and culture. This campaign has achieved over 80% talent retention, increased the sense of belonging among teams by 300%, and boosted the receipt of quality resumes by 200%.

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