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This is how we act

We designed a policy based on the Sustainable Development Goals , approved by the UN, based on three actions:

Measure, evaluate, and report the results of initiatives.

Generate a system with accurate and timely information.

Produce an annual report with data from all areas.

Pillars for sustainable development

Every day we work to increase the well-being and progress of present and future generations, in coexistence with the environment, through 3 dimensions:


We aim to reduce CO₂ emissions and generate carbon credits to counteract climate change.

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We focus on training professionals for the growing demand for IT profiles.

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We develop digital solutions for our clients to make a positive impact.

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Saving the planet starts with us

At NEORIS we know that the upcoming years will be decisive in the battle against climate change and our success will depend on our ability to reduce our carbon footprint.

How do we contribute?

Our Intellectual Property (IP) solutions, such as Activetrac or KDP, reduce CO2 consumption and digitize processes, respectively.

At NEORIS Spain, we have maintained ISO 14001 certificationsince 2015.

In addition, in our Madrid offices we have achieved:

Decrease on average of 4% annual electricity consumption.

We have a home automation building with BREEAM certification.

We have reduced paper consumption by 8% and 39% of the paper used is recycled.

We are designing a three-year decarbonization plan.

Social impact is essential

Today's labor market increasingly demands profiles with technological knowledge. Therefore, Re-Skilling and Up-Skilling are important for the updating and insertion of present and future generations.

This is how we have created courses for three different groups:

Young people with limited resources who wish to attend university.

Professionals seeking to update their skills.

Advanced students, graduates, and IT professionals

For them, we created:

NEORIS Scholarships

We provide training scholarships for professional development in IT with the National Technological University of Buenos Aires (UTN.BA).

Bridging the digital divide

Our goal is to promote the knowledge of new technologies in areas affected by natural disasters or social conflicts.


We offer free IT training for students who want to focus their careers on technology.

In addition to other initiatives:

It is a project focused on empowering unemployed people with courses in Java, robotics, and RPA.

Every year we choose recent graduates to train them as Salesforce developers, business analysts, or project managers.

This virtual tool offers our talents courses on different topics and workshops taught by renowned teachers from all over the world.

Women for Development

This initiative strengthens and empowers women entrepreneurs to become economic agents of change.

Inspire Colombia

This is a mentoring program where executives transmit knowledge about Agile Mindset, sales, and digital transformation.

She is Digital

This is a high-impact initiative focused on the training and employability of women in the IT sector.

We contribute to a sustainable economy

Understanding how an organization transforms its environment becomes critical in the face of social, legal, and regulatory pressures, and ethics and responsibility in the context of the fight against climate change.

That is why we created:

Digital Solutions Offering

The aim is to help our clients in their sustainable operations and business. Therefore, we have focused on the manufacturing industry due to its high carbon footprint.

NEORIS Sustainable Seal

We are promoting a certification process that shows that an organization, product, process, or service meets the requirements defined in the standards or technical specifications that apply to it.

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