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ActiveTrac Introduction

Nowadays, being the best is not enough. The way we operate must be a hallmark, unique and holistic. At NEORIS we believe that logistics, transportation, and the supply chain go beyond what we currently know. Any business requires safe operations, full visibility.

NEORIS’ innovative solution combines the latest sensor and satellite positioning technology with DATA ANALYSIS to generate a robust cloud-based platform, where you can monitor and optimize your fleet’s performance.


  • Unit current position and status in real time.
  • Decrease in operating expense.
  • More efficient routes.
  • Extended intelligence with sensors and accessories.


  • Operator conduct.
  • Incident measurement and accident prevention.
  • Preventive and predictive maintenance.


  • Commercial status in real time.
  • Connection with ERP and logistics systems.
  • Generation of complex and intuitive reports.
  • Operational intelligence dashboards.


  • Driver Behavior
  • Speed-related events
  • Sudden Braking / Sudden Acceleration
  • Aggressive curves
  • Incident report


  • Traffic
  • Real-time location and vehicle tracking
  • Obligation to follow the route


  • Commercial Systems Integration (ERP, TMS)
  • Real-time delivery status
  • Efficient redirection


  • Horometer / Odometer
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Obligation to follow the route
  • Oil, Fluids, Fuel Levels and Consumption
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring
  • Fail Codes
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Activetrac Inteligencia de Datos

When implementing ActiveTrac you get:

10% Productivity increase per month

Up to 15% fuel economy

Up to 18% maintenance expense savings

+500,000 monitored trips

13 countries presence

+30 accessories and sensors in catalogue

This solution stands out for its cost and innovation

It incorporates state-of-the-art devices, as well as having the ability to connect with third-party systems for information redirection.

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