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How do you accelerate your Digital Transformation and also ensure that innovation is permanent and effective?

NEORIS has a robust suite of cloud services to transform businesses into smarter, more agile organizations. We use the innovation of the Google GCP platform to provide a flexible and powerful ecosystem.


Migration to the cloud

Companies today demand agility and at the same time an efficient, secure digital capacity with a powerful data framework. NEORIS addresses this need through Google GCP and allows your organization to focus entirely on innovating your competitive advantage, increasing your chances of success in the digital age. At NEORIS, we specialize in the migration and modernization of the following workflows:

  • Migration and modernization of mainframe applications.
  • Migration of data centers.
  • DevOps – CI - CD:
    • Migration of SAP to GCP.
    • Migration of Windows in Google Cloud.

Advanced Analytics and AI

An intelligent company uses all available data to improve decision making. At Google, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is in its DNA. When partnering with Google Cloud, business leaders can take full advantage of purpose-driven AI solutions to transform their organizations and solve real-world problems. We focus on four key areas:

  • Migration of the analytical platform to the cloud.
  • Implementation and development of AI models on the cloud.
  • High Compute.
  • Migration and modernization of data bases.


Digital Transformation is based on an efficient series of standard applications and automated business processes. These reduce human error, allowing your staff to focus on longer-term tasks and goals. In this sector, we offer services in:

  • Modernization of APIs.
  • Development of native cloud applications.
  • Open Banking.
  • Health APIx.

Secure access to APIs, process automation and application creation between different clouds and on-premise, without the need for programming.

Industries we specialize in:



For Manufacturing companies, we focus on digital transformation through supply chain and production optimization, leveraging digital manufacturing to help modernize business processes and provide transaction visibility while reducing human intervention.

Retail / CPG

Due to the pandemic, we’ve worked intensely with Retailers to prioritize digital sales channels and experience. With CPG companies, we primarily focus develop on very advanced Direct to Consumer programs, both centered on a Customer-Centric approach and insights and digital technologies.

Financial Services

The digitization of customer interactions leveraging AI has been a strong trend in Financial Services institutions, looking to improve the customer experience through digital channels in a hyper personalized way, providing customer insights and cross selling opportunities through digital services.

Telco & Media

The current competitive landscape where customers have more options and are less loyal than ever has led us to focus on developing business value for Telcos through data and model driven approaches retaining, and attracting new customers with personalized and value-added innovative services.

Higher Education

Higher education institutions are increasing enrollment and reducing student desertion with the use of digital technologies and a data and model driven approach, while at the same time reinventing the teaching experience to the new normal through the use of cutting-edge technology.


The pandemic has forced us to revolutionize the concept of traditional medicine and health services. By using digital technologies and a data and AI approach, hospitals and insurance companies introduce innovative and differentiated services as a way to cope with the added challenge of providing quality service during a global pandemic.

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Director Digital Architecture in NEORIS

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Presales SAP Solution Specialist in NEORIS

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Data, Analytics & AI Associate Director MX in NEORIS