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By Jorge Lukowski


října 11, 2023

Sustainability stands as a fundamental pillar in corporate strategy for the proper development of business and an essential link in the value chain between suppliers and customers. We are in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution, and to continue driving the transformation of our companies, it's important that we focus on achieving sustainable business development.

This is the vision we share at NEORIS, and it dictates our day-to-day work. To accomplish this, we are based on three main pillars: social impact, environmental impact, and economic impact.

On the social front, one of our principal concerns and areas of dedication is tackling technological unemployment. As a digital accelerator, we base our reskilling and upskilling efforts on technology as a catalyst for upgrading knowledge, enhancing capabilities, and fostering the development of a diverse and innovative tech workforce. An example of this is our "Impulsando Talento" program, through which we have trained over 250 people in cutting-edge technologies, giving them the opportunity to be part of real company teams and projects. In doing so, we actively participate in closing the digital talent gap, an essential step toward achieving a more sustainable and equitable future.

The technology sector offers a unique blend of generations, and our company recognizes it as a fundamental component of sustainable business development. We embrace diversity and inclusion. Our team comprises four generations working cohesively, and we celebrate our multiculturalism. Particularly in Spain, we are deeply committed to promoting respect for the LGBTQ+ community through our collaboration with REDI.

When it comes to gender equality and women's participation in the tech world, numerous studies show that only 22% of technology professionals are women. Moreover, merely 3% of women pursuing STEM careers gravitate toward tech-related fields. Based on these data and in line with our commitment to driving change for a better future, NEORIS promotes the inclusion of women in tech through projects like "She is digital," which allows us to train women to be part of the digital world, or the "NEO Woman" project, which internally encourages active participation of women to increase the female presence in our industry.

Sustainability for the Company and Our Clients

In the environmental domain, being a digital enterprise affords us a more environmentally friendly footprint. Nonetheless, we remain dedicated to developing comprehensive solutions aimed at reducing our environmental impact. In addition to energy conservation, waste recycling, and responsible technological waste management, our primary focus centers on assisting our clients in adopting environmentally responsible practices by reducing their carbon footprint through ethical technology utilization and data management—principles that form the core of NEORIS.

In this context, I believe that the key to driving transformation lies in co-creating with our clients and conducting in-depth assessments of their needs to help them achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the utilization of cutting-edge technologies. This is where the third core principle, economic impact, comes into play.

Digitalization has reached all sectors of society. For instance, in the primary sector, digitalization has improved crop yields and product quality by harnessing smart networks, big data, and artificial intelligence. In our case, we have seamlessly integrated new technologies into the logistics sector, developing a satellite-based cargo tracking system to efficiently manage a fleet of over 18,000 trucks. As a result, we have successfully reduced the carbon footprint of this company by more than 8%, enabling them to align with the SDGs.

Therefore, the key is to be an agent of change and assume an active role in society by promoting innovation, knowledge, and the development of specific policies that progressively steer us toward sustainability.

In this regard, as I mentioned at the beginning, at NEORIS, we seek to work with suppliers and clients who take sustainability very seriously and are committed to protecting the planet by generating actions that allow them to advance economically while always placing people at the center of their strategy.

Only through such endeavors will we be able to drive the change that companies require to adapt to the new digital revolution. This transformation will be realized by fostering innovative and sustainable enterprises. Digitalization and sustainability are two of the main drivers of the future economy and society, which is why NEORIS not only emphasizes the importance of R&D and technology in achieving the 2030 Agenda and SDGs but also advocates for the ESG strategy as a growth lever for digital development.

Jorge Lukowski, Global Director of Marketing and Communication at NEORIS.

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