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února 21, 2024

NEORIS, a global leader in digital acceleration, is proud to announce its incorporation into the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program, highlighting its certification in four solution areas. This achievement marks a significant step in enhancing its Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cloud offering, expanding the variety and specialization of services available to its clients.

As a program partner, NEORIS accesses an extensive set of Microsoft tools, resources and programs, strengthening its ability to deliver exceptional results in:

Business Applications: Improving business operations with Dynamics 365 and Power Platform.

  • Digital Innovation and Applications: Using Azure to transform the cloud-native digital experience.
  • Infrastructure: Specialization in workload migration to maximize operational efficiency.
  • Data Management and AI: Implementing advanced solutions with Azure for more powerful data analysis and control.

These certifications validate NEORIS' ability to deliver high-performance solutions and enable innovative business and technical experiences, leveraging Microsoft AI technology.

Marcelo Gomes Da Costa, Head of Global Strategic Alliances for NEORIS, commented on the partnership: “This collaboration with Microsoft is not only an achievement, but a catalyst for NEORIS. We are excited about how this alliance will allow us to deploy more powerful and personalized digital solutions, making a real difference in digital transformation.”

Great potential ahead

With this certification of its capabilities, NEORIS will also stand out for its specialization in infrastructure and database migration, reinforcing its deep technical knowledge in critical scenarios.

In particular, NEORIS can now leverage Microsoft AI technology to develop immersive and personalized customer experiences, employing advanced tools for data analysis, process automation and interaction improvement.

These capabilities open new avenues to create solutions that connect companies with their customers in new and meaningful ways, promoting richer and more effective interaction.

“We are in a privileged position to carry out a deeper and more sophisticated digitalization, aligned with the current needs and expectations of the market. Our alliance with Microsoft allows us to not only keep pace, but to lead the race in digital acceleration,” added Marcelo Gomes Da Costa, Head of Global Strategic Alliances for NEORIS.

Commitment to excellence

NEORIS' participation in the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program is a clear sign of its commitment to excellence and the provision of cutting-edge services. To learn more about how NEORIS is using its partnership with Microsoft to drive digital transformation and deliver advanced AI solutions, visit our website

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