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Industry 4.0 - The Future of Manufacturing is Here

  • The advent of the Customer Experience Economy has had a direct effect on manufacturing industries, requiring them to rethink their new product development and condense their supply chain processes.
  • We help our clients combine technological innovation and process efficiency to optimize your performance and provide new value for their customers.
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A New Standard in the Manufacturing Supply Chain

  • Gone are the days of mass production on the assembly line. Today, manufacturing is producing goods that are mass personalized, retooling the plant floor on a constant basis to respond to consumer demand.
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Digital Disruption

We leverage digital disruption to significantly transform manufacturing processes and capabilities. More than implementing point solutions, we help companies combine technological innovation and process efficiency to achieve optimal performance while creating new value for customers up and down the supply chain. The key areas where we drive innovation are:


Process Innovation

  • Restructure OTC, link to availability to cash
  • Restructure S&P phase - 1 real-time demand forecasting w/sales
  • Restructure reverse logistics process (restructure link w/ 3PL)



  • Production scheduling and execution
  • Mobility MVPs and full rollout
  • Prototype sales data visualization dashboard
  • Integration IoT integration platform/hub
  • Implementation IoT warehouse management
  • Finance migration SaaS, restructure procure to pay
  • Planning ECC to SAP 4/HANA migration on AWS
  • RPA automation