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NEORIS'Interstellar Presence at eMerge Americas

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Our pursuit for innovative events and opportunities landed our most disruptive leaders at eMerge Americas, Miami’s largest tech event.

Rich with content, photos, videos, thought leadership but most notably, a glimpse into our unique, this page is pays homage to our presence at eMerge Americas.

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Manuel Medina (left), one of South Florida's most successful tech entrepreneurs and eMerge Americas founder, and Anthony DeLima (right), NEORIS’ CTO and Head of Digital Transformation, talk tech and discuss its implications on the future.


To explore press and media opportunities, connect with our Communication Alchemist at neorisusacomm@neoris.com.


We Understand That Culture Transformation Starts From Within

Artificial Inteligence

“Artificial Intelligence: Rethinking Humanity’s Evolution”


Anthony DeLima’s keynote delivery took his audience on a provocative journey into the future showcasing how AI will reshape every aspect of our lives, the way we work, interact with one another but perhaps most notably, the trajectory of humanity’s evolution. Authored by DeLima, the below insights report cites the latest trends in AI and presents a compelling thesis, by 2040 the world will experience an AI-triggered transcendental shift in society.

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Anthony De Lima

The inevitable merger of technological and human intelligence is imminent, what if AI can help our civilization evolve beyond its current path and drive humanity into a smarter, less destructive form of its trajectory?

— Anthony DeLima

Interconnecting Industries

“Interconnecting Industries To Intersect Successes”

Martin Mendez, CEO at NEORIS, hosted an exclusive executive lunch to share his unique perspective of common successes, customers, and failures shared among industries, while intrinsically featuring digital solutions that have systemically been overlooked based on dated categorization methods.


If there is one overarching implication of interconnections, it is that global value chains are very dynamic and they will continue to evolve as costs increase, technologies continue to change, forcing companies to reconsider their operations.

— Martin Mendez

Intersect Success
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