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By Alejandro Canelo


August 02, 2018

Why microlearning is the most effect way to share organizational knowledge

Microlearning has evolved from elearning to become one of the most effective ways to share organizational knowledge - especially with the growing number of millennials in the workforce.

Traditional corporate training methods are no longer effective in the digital ecosystem that has permeated the business landscape this century. Instead of flying new employees to corporate headquarters to receive training, digitally enabled companies can deliver organizational knowledge to employees instantaneously through their connected devices, saving the enterprise money in the process.

By breaking down information into small, easily-understandable doses, knowledge retention increases. This allows team members to increase their organizational knowledge at their leisure using multiple forms of media. It also caters to the shrinking of our attention spans that has come about as the result of the onslaught of messages we receive on a daily basis.

Organizational Knowledge Management and Customer Experience

Organizational knowledge is more than just information you might find in internal communications. It is an intangible asset that can greatly improve employee productivity and efficiency. It can also help team members provide a more seamless customer experience, especially in call centers and customer support.

Even within the same industry, every enterprise has its own organizational knowledge, so knowledge management is crucial to onboarding new team members. It’s also important for ensuring the smooth implementation of new strategies, like digital transformation.

The Advantages of Microlearning Over Traditional Training Methods

With our attention spans shrinking and our methods of receiving information becoming more and more fractured, traditional training methods have become obsolete. An employee manual, white board and training room may have worked when you had all of your team under one roof (without the distractions of smartphones and streaming services). But today’s workforce has evolved at the same pace as instant connectivity.

Today, about one third of the workforce now consists of remote workers. This decentralization has made digital transformation compulsory in order to work effectively as a team across the globe. Microlearning is the most effective way to fill knowledge gaps, upskill employees and increase interactions between team members in different departments.

Here are a few characteristics of microlearning that make it far more effective for the absorption and retention of organizational knowledge:

  • Microlearning uses games to make learning interactive
  • Multimedia make it more entertaining
  • Team members can always reference microlearning materials to refresh their memory
  • Short lessons are key to retaining information
  • Microlearning can be implemented across geographies and platforms
  • Cost-effective
  • Flexible, adaptable and customizable

How Microlearning Can Help Assist in Transforming the Culture of Your Company

Cultural transformation is a key element to any digital transformation strategy. However, it is easier said than done. Millennials are the first generation entering the workforce after the explosion of digital communications at the turn of the 21st century.

In order to adapt to this new generation of workers, companies - especially large enterprises in telecom - must adapt their practices to a new way of processing information and turning it into knowledge. This way, someone working in a call center has the same information to share with customers that management does.

Steps Required to Implement an Effective Microlearning Strategy

To successfully implement a microlearning strategy, there are a few steps to follow:

  • Assessment of Organizational Knowledge
  • Personalization of the Platform
  • Conversion and Production of Content
  • Construction of KPIs
  • Kick Off Microlearning Program

NEORIS Microlearning Service Specifications

Leading a smarter world of easier interactions, NEORIS can take your company from a traditional corporate training model to a microlearning strategy with the following specifications:

  • Results-Oriented Gamification
  • Mobile Platform Available Online and Offline
  • Interactive & Multimedia
  • Push Notifications
  • Look and Feel of Mobile Gaming Applications
  • Social Tools
  • Shop
  • Tracking Tools in Backend
  • Personalized Motivation Tools
  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Follow Up
  • BYOD


NEORIS drives innovation through co-creative teams combining great design skills, vast technical expertise, deep industry knowledge and IP design; delivering disruptive impact for companies with serious aspirations for digital strategies.

We embrace creative thinking, strategic innovation and leading edge technologies to create a smarter future of easier interactions. NEORIS can offer you:

  • The ability to rapidly develop assets in different technologies
  • Agile solutions for developing skills and improving performance
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