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By Jorge Lukowski


April 23, 2024

In today's ever-changing and highly competitive business landscape, talent attraction and retention emerge as fundamental elements for any organization aspiring to succeed when it comes to team management. In this regard, technology, especially Artificial Intelligence (AI), stands out as one of the most powerful tools to address this challenge.

Organizations, especially in the technology industry, face various situations when seeking highly skilled and committed professionals. High employee turnover, the need for specialization, and the evolution in talent expectations are just some of the challenges that companies must overcome. Therefore, it is necessary to be disruptive and innovative as the competitive race to attract top talent is more intense than ever.

In this sense, companies must seek revolutionary approaches and innovative campaigns in order to help drive talent attraction and retention strategies worldwide, as demonstrated by the first communication campaign conducted with Generative AI carried out within our own company. The aim with projects like this is to effectively convey the brand's values and personality while transforming our talents into genuine ambassadors at the same time. In this regard, technology can be a great ally for this endeavor, as evidenced by our use of personalized avatars.

The data supports the benefits of applying Generative AI to talent acquisition projects and increasing professionals' engagement, clearly demonstrating the positive potential of using new technologies in professional management plans, whether at a national or international scale. In this regard, "We are NEOS," the name given to our campaign, has generated a 200% increase in the reception of high-quality resumes, as well as a 300% increase in talent attraction and sense of belonging.

One crucial aspect to consider when launching innovative AI-based campaigns has to do with spreading the word through internal communications within the company. Engaging employees in the process and keeping them informed at each stage encourages their active participation. In our case, the process of selecting a name for the avatar that would represent them was a success, with over 75% participation; while the invitation for avatar creation was highly attended, and talents actively contributed to their customization.

Using graphic materials, such as backgrounds and cover images for social media in order to highlight the enthusiastic adoption of the campaign's visual identity will also work in our favor; as well as generating an internal newsletter, serving as a channel to share news, milestones, events, and company initiatives, which will become an effective means of keeping the community informed about the most relevant events.

Visibility in order to Attract Talent

How can we communicate this externally? How can we leverage these innovative campaigns to attract new candidates? In our case, we chose to showcase our AI-created avatars on a website that has become a reference point for prospective candidates interested in joining the company. Additionally, social media has played a significant role in our external visibility efforts, with talents, clients, media, suppliers, and other organizations all contributing to highlighting the positive impact and its effect on the company's external perception.

Ultimately, initiatives like these not only demonstrate a shared dedication to excellence and establish a new benchmark in terms of corporate communications for the digital era but also transform into a collective effort that enhances the effectiveness of attracting top talents and fosters recruitment experiences that deepen individuals' sense of value and commitment to the organization..

In summary, our world is now interconnected globally, with emerging technologies providing unprecedented opportunities that benefit all sectors. Talent management is among the fields undergoing a significant transformation, with innovative campaigns showcasing how AI can effectively help organizations attract, develop, and retain top talent in today's competitive job market.

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