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Use Case Chat GPT in Education


At NEORIS, our goal is to promote the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assist professionals in the education sector in creating interactive and innovative content in an ethical and responsible manner. Therefore, this new digital educational method, designed for elementary and high school education, can help us in three areas: 

  • Teachers: An application to enhance personalized education through the generation of useful content.
  • Editors: A new tool to edit content quickly and easily.
  • Content creators: A fast and simple alternative to create content in AI-based audiovisual systems.


This intelligent educational tool offers multiple functionalities:

  • It allows for systematic tracking of students' progress through short questions on general content. The application will show students their correct and incorrect answers for each question based on their responses.
  • It offers the possibility to generate simple and didactic content, tailored to the needs of each student. The application generates practical exercises for students to review general content. Additionally, the teacher can generate exams by entering the topic and the number of options in the tool, and it will automatically generate the questions and their possible answers.


  • It allows for creating a text dictation or converting a text into verse. With this tool, teachers can quickly and easily correct their students' dictations or texts. They only need to input the text into the application, and the system will automatically detect spelling errors.
  • It allows for creating images or generating different image options using AI. The result will depend on the information provided by the user.


  • Firstly, NEORIS defined and worked on the type of information it would share with the AI to ensure that the results offered by the tool were in line with the needs of the sector. Once the information was generated by the AI, a group of experts was responsible for validating the information.
  • The information generated by the AI is editable, allowing teachers or editors to customize it according to their needs by adding or removing content as they see fit, ensuring the optimal outcome.


  • Definition of needs and solutions using AI, based on analysis and application of the initial version with "default AIs".
  • Establishing an ethical and responsible framework by granting full control to the teacher to validate all content shared with the student. This tool is never left solely in the hands of the student. The teacher always maintains control over this technology and has the opportunity to modify the final version provided by the AI. This allows for time-saving in corrections, generating new simple questions, summarizing topics, and addressing doubts in real-time.
  • Increase scalability and the potential of the application: Through continuous improvement with AI-generated questions.

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