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Patient Track

Telemedicine Management Solution

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NEORIS Patient Track Introduction

How to respond effectively
in the face of a pandemic?

Given the global health crisis COVID-19 and the problems that have generated in patient care and health, the experts of the NEORIS' Healthcare and Technology Industry developed the telemedicine solution, Patient Track, dedicated to providing rapid response during the COVID-19 pandemic by bringing clinical care to the patient and caregiver, with comprehensive care that involves:

Prevention and education

Mass education, advice and professional recommendations for patients and users

Patient's Valuation

Survey registration and identification of risk factors, with management of customized alerts for the health professionals.

Patient's Remote Management

Continuous assessment and monitoring of the patient according to symptoms with individualized alert management.

Medical teleconsultation

Remote medical care with possibility of referral of the patient.

Patient's Hospitalization

Care in destination medical center with MRE tracking of the provider.

Management of Indicators

Real-time support in decision making by the health team.

COVID-19 contingency

The WHO called on countries to “take urgent and aggressive action.”

“This is not just a public health crisis, it is a crisis that is going to touch all sectors, so everyone must prepare and be ready; detect, protect and treat; reduce transmission and innovate and learn. ”

Funcionalidades Patient Track

Patient Track Functionalities

  • The solution runs on a SaaS model in Azure

  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices

  • Access through different browsers on portable and desktop devices

  • Complying with the Data Protection Law

  • Compliance with the standard for the use of Telemedicine and Telehealth services

  • It runs initially without connecting to existing systems of the Institution   Stand Alone)

  • Scoring / "Auto Triage"

Retos y Desafios Patient Track

Challenges for the Health Organization

  • Collapse in traditional hospital and outpatient centers delivery.

    • Reduced medical capacity due to contagion and isolation of their health care professionals.

    • Health centers that have the potential to become in a hotbed of contagion.

    • Lack of validated information and advice from professionals for prevention, detection, protection and treatment

    • Inability of the current system to provide remote care for the population.

¿Cómo puede ayudar nuestra solución?

  • Bringing clinical care into the patient's home and avoid unnecessary or risky transfers to the care center or hospital.

  • Operational continuity of doctors during the quarantine.

  • Convey clear and timely information to the population.

  • Monitoring the population and the evolution of the contagion.

  • Efficiently manage each case of suspectedof infection and infected.



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