Innovation Challenge

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Innovation Challenge Mission

What is the current need of our Customers?

Our current Customers comes first. We need to work with the customers that builds our revenue line. Focus on them. We know their business and we can help them go through.

Review how COVID 19 is impacting them. Talk to them and act quickly. What are their short term Pain Points?

Initiatives have to be scalable and repeatable. We will invest and we need to secure that many customer's benefits of it.

Initiatives have to be timely. Identified and deployed in a short timeframe since the need is now-today

Customers are under pressure and experiencing different needs as never before. Our Customer Facing management has to be close, focus on them, identify their needs and promote timely initiatives to help them go through

Our Mission

As a technology accelerator platform for companies all over the world, our mission and goal is to provide innovative services and solutions that will ease the adoption pain of technology in this new reality.

Our Purpose

We are at unprecedented times; the world and our lives are changing. 

This shocking reality completely alters and shifts some basic paradigms and drastically urging us to change our behavior. 

We believe that this impact will be our new reality. 

We have the responsibility, ambition, and close relationships to make and lead a global impact through innovation. 

We need to act now, and we want to work with you. 

Innovation Challenge Guidelines


Please refer to the following guidelines before summiting your proposal:

  • Focus first on our installed base and think on solutions and services that will be required
  • Focus on your current Customers and Industries to make sure we apply the knowledge of the business as of today, and how it will be affected by a new social behavior.
  • Identify “Use Cases” describing today`s operation on a given area/process, and how do your think it will be impacted due our new reality.
    • See “Use Cases” in this presentation as an example.
  • We are providing a short guide of assumptions on the “new normal” for you to consider.
    • These are not the only ones, but most probably the ones that will drive most of the change in business.
  • Follow the framework provided in this deck to identify all needed areas you`ll have to review to come up with your proposal
We have brilliant minds all across NEORIS. We want to hear your voice and help you take your ideas and make them the reality of the tomorrow. This is your chance to make and lead a global impact.

Innovation Challenge Requirements


  • List the customers you will be addressing to validate the Value Proposition.

  • Create a 7-10 minutes elevator pitch addressing the Innovation Leadership Task Force. Including how your Value Proposition will help our Customer go through. 

  • You Must Assemble a Team:
    We want you to socialize your ideas with other and gather a team that is passionate and willing to go far and beyond to bring this product or service to our clients.

  • Fill the Business Proposal following the mentioned framework and send it before April 15th by Midnight ET.

Recommended Team Members:

  • A Salesperson
  • A SCRUM Master or PM
    • Functional Analyst
    • Digital Delivery Members (Architect, Devs, QA)
Now more than ever need to be fast and AGILE!! Hackathon your project!!!

Evaluation Criteria & Timeline

Evaluation Criteria: 

  • Focus on current customers / installed base
  • Global Reach (vs. Local impact) 
  • If the idea has been tested with one or two customers to validate the value proposition
  • Cost vs. Expected Value Opportunities
  • Speed to Impact: From Development to Deployment (Days, Weeks) 
  • Adherence to the provided framework

Final Decision Process:

  • Submit all Business Proposal by no later than: April 30th, 2020
  • Pitch Day: First two weeks on May 2020.
  • Winners will get a 5% bonus on the first sales achieved.
We will concentrate on project with the closer timing and impact to help Clients. All other might become part of a backlog NEORIS will be administering as demanded.