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At NEORIS, our goal is to provide a managed service that combines the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with human expertise, enabling us to maximize productivity and efficiency in our clients' IT operations.

Through SMART AMS, we aim to transform IT services by delivering proactive, efficient, and highly automated support.

Our primary objective in deploying this technology is to quickly and effectively address IT tickets, tasks, or activities. The AI comprehends user needs and executes the necessary actions to resolve specific tickets, tasks, or activities.


SMART AMS is a solution built on AI, automating repetitive tasks, providing incident support, managing service requests, performing automated proactive monitoring, handling cloud applications, and executing business processes. This solution employs natural language processing, learning, reasoning, and knowledge automation to maximize efficiency and productivity.


The SMART AMS technology has been applied in various projects with clients from diverse industries. Let's explore two projects where we have leveraged this technology:

Case 1: Critical Application Support

SMART AMS was implemented with one of our major clients, a global leader in the retail industry, resulting in significant improvements in critical application support for over 136 stores in Mexico. This implementation achieved:

  • Streamlined response times, reducing the time it took for a consultant to contact the user from 15 minutes to immediate response.
  • Enhanced incident resolution time, reducing it from 30 minutes to just 45 seconds.
  • Improved error handling for web service errors, purchase order management, and inventory errors.
  • Reduced lost sales and inventory delays.
  • Improved user experience, IT perception, and compliance with Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Case 2: SAP Concrete Production Platform

SMART AMS was implemented in critical support for a multinational manufacturing industry leader's concrete production and management platform. The deployment covered various processes, including Delivery Processing, PGI Execution, Blocked Vehicles, and Delivery Cancellation. Thanks to SMART AMS:

  • Response times were significantly reduced from 30 minutes to immediate response.
  • Ticke resolution time improved from 2 hours to only 40 seconds.
  • Operations became more efficient, SLAs were better met, user experiece improved, and IT perception enhanced.


  • SMART AMS has optimized concrete production and management processes across several European countries.
  • Achieved greater efficiency, faster response times, and an enhanced user experience.
  • AI application provides a more precise understanding of process issues by analyzing ticket context based on descriptions, categories, and other relevant fields.
  • AI employs machine learning reasoning, graphical models, and rule-based triggering elements to effectively resolve tickets.
  • Enhanced understanding of issues leads to faster, more efficient resolutions.