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Success Story Establisment Labs

The context

Finding the need to create an easy-to-use e-commerce site that would allow its business processes to operate efficiently, the company chose NEORIS to work as its technological partner in the implementation of an e-commerce to cover and support its business operations in France, with a view to the solution eventually being used in other European countries.

The challenge

With an already well-established customer base, Establishment Labs required its sales force to take orders more efficiently and to be able to know the status of shipments and open service tickets, as well as access invoices and other customer information, all from a single modern e-commerce site.

A platform was needed that would provide surgeons and hospitals with the ability to place orders, at any time and in an agile way, taking into account that surgeries are generally performed with just a few days of preparation lead time for ordering and receiving related supplies. This special situation made efficiency and timeliness of the process of paramount important.

Establishment Labs required a partner with the ability to execute the project without interfering with other implementations running in parallel. Simultaneously, it was important for the partner to properly handle the time zone differences with staff distributed in various countries in Europe and the Americas.

The assignment of the project to NEORIS occurred after a competition process among several technological partners, resulting in NEORIS as the winner chosen to work on the implementation of the largest platforms for ERP and e-commerce.

Our proposal

After conducting a preliminary analysis, we recommended implementing a platform that would digitize the entire process, adapting various standard functionalities of the SAP Commerce Cloud platform to achieve the objective required by the business.

NEORIS proposed creating a responsive e-commerce site, which could be accessed from any device (desktop, tablet or smartphone) and that was connected in real time to the new ERP and CRM (SAP S/4 HANA and SAP C4C).

This site would have multiple bidirectional integrations that would reflect, directly on the site, all the updates of the sales process, allowing the customer to have complete visibility of their operation and orders, making navigation and creation of their orders to occur in an easier and more intuitive way.

Our solution

Our solution consisted of enabling a website on the SAP Commerce Cloud platform, which was connected to SAP S/4HANA, through multiple integrations to achieve a replication of master data such as customers, materials, and prices. The site allowed for detailed information about the customer credit status, the creation of orders, the processing of shipments, invoicing and the return of consigned materials.

In turn, this site is connected to SAP C4C (Service Cloud) to integrate the capability of service tickets (support). These tickets are created by the end customer on the e-commerce site and are managed directly in the CRM.

This implementation was carried out to cover the operations of Establishment Labs in France and it is expected that the solution will be brought soon to more countries in Europe. The site has an initial reach of more than 600 clients, including surgeons, doctors, private clinics and public and private hospitals.

Project Outcomes

The implementation of this solution was completed in only 10 months, allowing the company to rapidly obtain the following benefits:

  • Standardization of the risk hunting process.
  • Cross-platform synchronization for all teams.
  • Single record of deviations and consolidation of claims findings.
  • Preparation and monitoring in the Cloud of the comprehensive correction plan.
  • Onboarding and regular use of more than 1,000 company employees.
  • Instant registration in the system.
  • Greater participation in the resolution of the findings.


“Customers who have used the site loved it, found it very easy to navigate and were able to quickly make their orders” - Product Owner.
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