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NEORIS Intelligence - Demand Forecasting Introduction

ABOUT NEORIS Intelligence - Demand Forecasting:

NEORIS is a Digital Accelerator that helps companies step into the future.

We combine deep industry knowledge with the market’s highest technological expertise to create customized solutions that allow you to overcome your business challenges and generate disruptive growth.


NEORIS Intelligence Helps our Clients to Become AI and Data Mature in Record Time.

We accelerate our clients’ ability to turn data into a strategic asset with a Unification Layer for the Organization. NEORIS’ was designed to be efficiently embedded into cloud enterprise environments in order to combine internal historical, operational data with external data for AI to deliver actionable use cases.

NEORIS Intelligence Demand Forecasting improves the process to understand the data:

  • Data Inputs:
    • Transactions
    • Weather
    • Price
    • Promotions
    • Other
  • Machine Learning Capabilities:
    • Predictions for millions of SKU / Stores or SKU / Clients combinations
  • Insights Delivered:
    • 10-15% RMSE in 3 month time-frame predictions

Data, ML and AI

Data Architecture Foundations development and Multiple ML Use Cases, aligned to best understand the end-customers’ identity, cross-sell and up-sell and predict product demand.

Your customers.
Your people.
Your data.

Reimagine retail

While there’s no crystal ball to gaze into to predict what customers will demand next, there is work retailers can do today using technology to evolve products, services, and business models that are likely to stick. As a trusted technology partner, it is our goal to work with retailers to build the future technology pipeline for retail entities so they can reimagine retail and continue to grow their business for years to come.

Key stats:

How technology is impacting the retail industry


81% of shoppers do online research before committing to a purchase.1


83% of shoppers believe that they know more about a retailer’s product than the store sales associate.2


Improve WMAPE or similar ratios in +10%

Reduce time and resources invested in demand planning processes.3

1 “81% of Online Shoppers Conduct Research Before Buying,” Kimberlee Morrison, Adweek, 2014.

2 “More than 80% of Shoppers Believe They’re More Knowledgeable than Retail Store Associates,” Tulip Retail, PR Newswire, 2017.