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Since 1934, the CHRISTUS MUGUERZA healthcare system has been distinguished by its strong commitment to innovation and digital transformation. Over the decades, the Mexican company has grown to include 11 hospitals, five social assistance clinics, two nursing schools and primary and short-stay medical care centers staffed by more than 6,500 employees. As a health institution operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year, with several operational and administrative profiles within its personnel management process, the scope of its human resources responsibilities include recruitment, onboarding, payment management, and plans for compensation, professional development, and training.

“Our collaboration with NEORIS has been very good. They have always been committed to finding what we need. The tool and the implementation have far exceeded my expectations.” - Rogelio Segovia, Director of Human Resources.


The company has used different technological solutions that generated complexity in its administration and in the experiences of its collaborators. With such a large workforce, they needed to provide certainty and data security to guarantee for their employees the continuous management of their obligations as an employer in a timely manner. They also sought to unify all their human resources and payroll processes on a cloud platform for the entire hospital network. When they told us about the challenges they faced, we advised implementing a platform that would provide an integrated solution, using SAP Success Factors human experience management. This was chosen because this platform guarantees the security of their data and allows for payroll to be processed efficiently and accurately, in addition to providing valuable information to properly manage staff.

The Solution

The SAP Success Factors platform provided CHRISTUS MUGUERZA with the support they needed in the Human Capital Processes and Payroll Processing for their hospitals. The solution includes the following modules: Employee Central, Recruiting Management, Recruiting Marketing, Employee Profile, On Boarding, Performance and Goals, Development, JAM, Employee Central Payroll, Learning Management System (LMS) and Compensation.

The Results

As of now, CHRISTUS MUGUERZA has already obtained results from this implementation, improving the end-user experience. Like many other companies in Mexico and throughout Latin America, they have chosen us as their digital accelerator to take them into the future.

100% All areas of the organization are involved in the process.

100% Automation of services including income cycle, electronic medical records and human resources.

At NEORIS, we believe it is very important to be able to add value to our clients' businesses and to do it from a place of trust and collaboration. Our model allows us to provide a strategy to execute a plan that covers client needs in a timely manner, and even goes a little further, as we did in this case.