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Casi Éxito PAE Introduction

The context

Pan American Energy, also known as PAE, is a globally recognized company, and a leader in the sector within Argentina as one of the main producers of oil and gas along with the refining and commercialization of fuels, lubricants and chemicals.

Faced with the need to innovate its digital ecosystem in a scalable manner for its entire global structure, PAE chose NEORIS as a technology partner 12 years ago. Since then, we have focused on adding value to PAE's business model through a process of technology consulting and digital development to make its operations more efficient and secure.

The challenge

The challenge we recently faced in our alliance with PAE was to improve the so-called “Risk Hunting”. Risk hunting is a process that all oil extraction companies must carry out, consisting of teams that periodically check the field in search of risky situations, unsafe conditions and for the reinforcement of prevention and care practices for operators and plants. These teams visually review the machinery and manual work, talk with the operators and manually record the findings and upload them into a digital system where they can be processed and used.

The problem with this process is that it takes hours for the teams to enter the manual record to the digital system, delaying decision-making on situations that can be critical. What's more, the process leads to a duplicated effort for all teams by first requiring manual registration and then digital registration of the same information.

Our proposal

After analyzing the situation, the team from NEORIS Energy and PAE decided to design an application that could digitize the entire process.

This had to simultaneously give mobile support to the detection and registration of findings during risk hunting, allowing effective planning of the process and the written and photographic registration and management of different situations so that the various teams involved had real time access to information. This increased not just the efficiency of the process but also the safety of the operators and the integrity of the machinery, reducing the incidence and magnitude of imminent accidents.

Considering the critical nature of this job, this solution had to be sufficiently robust to function at all times yet also easy and intuitive so that multiple employees could operate it without advanced training.

The solution

The tool was developed in six months working within a framework of agile methodology and using SAP Business Technology Platform development tool as a base with a SAP Fiori user interface. The assigned team was hybrid, composed of PAE and NEORIS employees working in iterations to refine the user interface and bring it closer to the requirements of the end users, achieving a low learning curve and the most intuitive use possible. The SAP specialists and Software Architects were vital to the process, rapidly creating an application without performance or usability incidents regardless of location or access device.

The results

  1. Standardization of the risk hunting process.
  2. Multi-platform synchronization for all the teams.
  3. Unique registry of deviations and consolidation of damage finding.
  4. Creation and monitoring in the cloud of the entire correction plan.
  5. Onboarding and regular use by more than 1,000 company employees.
  6. Instant system registration.
  7. Greater participation in the resolution of findings.