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How do you handle massive logistical challenges with operations in more than 50 countries across the globe, working in several languages and time zones, while providing your clients with time sensitive products and services their customers rely on?

That was the challenge for the Mexican multinational building materials company was facing when it worked with NEORIS to find transformative digital solutions that improved their current operations, helping them to continue to grow in a challenging environment.

The Mexican company is one of the world’s largest construction materials multinationals, manufacturing and distributing cement, ready-mix concrete and aggregates.


The Mexican multinational needed to transform its current level 2 & level 3 managed service for its critical concrete production application in Europe. Transformation included higher levels of automatic resolution and reducing human dependency.

Pain Pointss

  • Support model strongly based on human talent.
  • Current team with low capacity to fulfill enhancements or high value tasks.
  • Key Knowledge not equally spread among the team.


  • +50% support cases automated
  • +600 hours freed up per month
  • Knowledge Digitized reducing resolution time by 95%

Business Outcomes

  • Increased operational efficiency in SAP errors deliveries processing, deliveries cancellation and post good issues processing.
  • Positive feedback from the operation requesting to explore more cases to digitize knowledge.
  • Improved user experience, by reducing waiting time on ticket resolution..
  • Savings on TCO by modernizing their support service through a SMART AMS model.