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Cao Exito Peñafiel Introduction


How do you improve sales efficiency and administrative support throughout your operation? These were the questions the leading beverage company in the Americas, was asking itself when it came to NEORIS seeking solutions for its business needs. The company was formed in 2018, with annual revenue in excess of 11 billion USD and nearly 27,000 employees.


There was ineffi¬ciency in the sales operation in the field and in the administrative processes in the offices for the following reasons: reactive support, lack of monitoring and understanding of the business.

Pain Points

  • Several critical incidents during the month directly impacting the operation.
  • 1,500 daily routes (24x7) operated and monitored manually, resulting in very long working hours or non-compliance with sales targets.
  • Impossible to reduce the volume of support demand for critical business applications.


  • 90% S1 reduction (10 in 2018, 4 in 2019 and 1 in 2021)
  • 35% Incident Reduction compared with 2019
  • Successful implementation of an Automated Monitoring

Business Outcomes

  • For sellers and presales employees we have freed up time for above 1 hour on the route's settlement.
  • Savings on Infrastructure TCO by modernizing their applications.
  • Increase in sales due to improvement in the availability of applications.
  • Reduce errors by 30% when settling routes and balancing daily operations in the Distribution Centers.