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A Silicon Valley company with 74,000 employees and valued at $498 billion within the Telecommunications & Manufacturing sector. Expanding rapidly during the pandemic and based on their needs within Global Services Logistics & Operations – Reverse Logistics Asset Recovery, Neoris provided the Digital Solution of Agile and DevOps


With returns to outgoing ratio on an all-time high, managing reverse logistics can be the difference between profitability and loss. The telecommunications company Legacy system lacked the ability to identify, manage, and measure critical high-value aspects of its returns flow, route materials cost effectively.

  • Long cycle times: average ~45 days for high value produce.
  • 5% of overall product took over 120 days cycle time.
  • 100 FTEs involved in processing RMAs and resolving discrepancies.
  • Expensive internal cross-docking of Failed Assets (FA) when they arrived at a bulk receiving facility rather than one that was outfitted for analyzing and refurbishing high value items.

Strategy and solution

To address business practices and supply chain attributes, a seamless online RMA Web application was developed known as the Global Collection Tool (GCT).

GCT enables the telecommunications company customers to easily manage RMA requests cost-effectively, reducing decision dependencies driving adoptions, saving time and increasing customer satisfaction. It provides a visible process for all stakeholders and intelligent analytics resulting in significant savings in time, resources and expenses.

NEORIS leveraged its expertise in Agile delivery and a DevOps approach to provide faster responses to customer feedback and regional needs in an incremental manner (bi-weekly production delivery cadence) thereby eliminating the existing waterfall project-based delivery of enhancements to the telecommunications company customers. This approach provided a new level of confidence and an increase in enhancements delivered across the globe.

NEORIS addressed regional regulatory and compliance changes quickly along with improved user experience and functionality effectively.

The solution achieved several goals:

  • Hosted infrastructure and High Availability.
  • Increased Visibility and Savings.
  • Lower inventory and operational expense.
  • Decrease cost and cycle times.
  • Increase throughput of products and customer adoption.
  • Effective Service Levels.

Examples of Tangible Benefits:

  • 30% time (CT), from ~45 days to ~30 days helped to cost justify the project in the first reduction in FA part cycle year by saving the company $2.8 Million.
  • Lower value return product that saves the telecommunication company $600K each year. The company advises that an additional $600K can be realized for every 1% improvement in North America adoption of GCT. 2018 saw over 200K new users globally.
  • FTEs required to manage discrepancies have been reduced 10-15%.
  • Recycling – Green Initiative - Improved Process Efficiency - Reduced Transaction Cost by ~ 30%.
  • Improved Process for Product Reuse.

Customer Testimonials

Business SME: “The work we did with the NEORIS team of developing and supporting GCT has provided benefit to company and its customers. It is gratifying to know that we will continue to work with NEORIS to make improvements to GCT and increase its value in the coming years.”

Theater Lead

“NEORIS always Delivers.