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Neo4j recognizes NEORIS as Breakthrough Partner in the Americas

The client

A world-wide US-based company, with over a 100 years of manufacturing products for garden and plague control.

The problem

2020 changed consumer's behavior. With social distancing policies, consumers needed their products through a simpler service system and an innovative shopping experience.

The insights

Only Digital interactions is the new way for clients.

Customers needs became 24/7 requirements & require constant communication

The Solution

NEORIS implemented a customer-oriented strategy for our client, a fully digital end-to-end vision, applying the latest technology to achieve a true competitive advantage.

According to the aforementioned needs, objectives were set to ensure the improvement of the business:

Create a new e-commerce portal allowing the brand to develop significant loyalty and affinity to reach the annual sales goal.

Define, recommend and design a strategy and a customer journey to improve customer loyalty.

Only Digital interactions is the new way for clients.

Develop a significant brand affinity with clients, consumers, and retailers.

Only Digital interactions is the new way for clients.

Take advantage of best practices & and loyalty strategies for content integration, community and personalization.


Knowledge of graphs, one of the used technologies promoted by our technological partner and leader in its field, NEO4J, helped us transform and achieve a positive impact on our client's business, in real time.

This achieved direct communication with the customer and access to all their data, providing a 100% personalized shopping experience.

Resulting in:

  • Increased engagement and loyalty with the customer.
  • Increased frequency and quantity of purchase.
  • Increased profits.

Who is Neo4j

Our technology partner, that enables organizations like NEORIS to increase business value through connections , influences and relationships in data, through new applications that adapt to changing business needs and allowing existing applications to scale with the deal.