Artificial Intelligence Managed Services

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AIMS Introduction

Deliver MORE Innovation with your Data Team

A strong data team with key knowledge of the business is critical to any project success. That's why it's important to involve them in as many innovative initiatives as possible.

To help your team achieve this goal, our data professionals can act as an extension of the original builders' efforts by taking on the responsibility for feature requests, bug fixes, refactors, performance monitoring, scalability improvements, and more. This will allow your team to focus on core business opportunities and accelerate your progress.

What do We do?

Data Science / AI


Best Practices in Development & MLOps

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Building Data Products from POC to Production

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AI Managed Services


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Our Managed Services Offerings allow you to:

Process Excellence

Increase quality, speed, and ease of Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) through automation and Service Framework.


Access the talent, expertise, technology, and strategies needed to scale your operations and to ensure AI resilience.


Capital Efficiency

Keep your team focused on innovation instead of support and iterative tasks. Leverage our data professionals' best practices to reduce operational costs.


Offering Highlights

Model Monitoring & Retraining

Monitoring your ML models for changes such as model degradation, data drift, and concept drift, while maintaining that your model is maintaining an acceptable level of performance.

Pipelines Monitoring & Feature Engineering

Transform raw data into features that can be used in machine learning algorithms while maintaining healthy data pipeline while business evolves

Data Governance Enforcement

Ensure data is consistent, trustworthy and secure while delivering high business value

Explainability & Documentation

Analyze, document, and deliver results provided by ML models.

API & Cloud Integration

Enable interactions amongst data, applications, and end points. Deliver data and facilitate connectivity between devices and systems

Model Lift & Shift to Cloud

Migrate your applications and data products to the cloud with minimal impact and high efficiency.

Model Management

Bias management, modeling, and monitoring. Model versioning, registration and compliance.

Front End Enhancements

Enhancements for front end data products and dashboards



Want to know more about AIMS?

Our team of experts are always available to provide professional assistance and show you how to get the most out of it. From installation to technical support, we offer all types of help to empower your business.

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What is AIMS?

AIMS (Artificial Intelligence Managed Services) is a solution designed to integrate with your team's culture, product development tools, and best practices. Once a machine learning model or any other solution is established as a data product, our team members step in to assist or fully manage tasks associated with model enhancements, scalability issues, bug fixes, hotfixes, refactors, and feature requests.

How does AIMS work?

If your team or organization already uses tools and best practices that enable efficient Machine Learning Operations (MLOps), we can get you started promptly. Although no two environments are alike, essential components generally include experiment tracking, performance monitoring dashboards, version control, project management software, and orchestration tools. In the event that help is needed to improve any component of your MLOps ecosystem, we can integrate senior machine learning engineers into your data teams to accelerate the overall process.

What benefits can I expect from using AIMS?

AIMS can help you accelerate processes, minimize technical debt and reduce costs. By freeing your team from time-consuming tasks necessary for greater operational efficiency, you can focus on core business opportunities. In addition, you can expect an iterative improvement of data models and products by incorporating feedback from end users and business stakeholders.

Is AIMS suitable for businesses of all sizes?

Yes! AIMS is designed to be flexible and scalable, making it suitable for companies of all sizes. Whether you are a small startup or a large corporation, AIMS can help you simplify your management of data products in production.