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By Jorge Lukowsky


July 18, 2023

The world is in constant change. The climate crisis, technological transformations, the need to respect our environment and nature, social reconciliation... We have many fronts open as human beings and as a society, and diversity can be the key to gaining a better understanding of the world, its problems, challenges, and solutions. Diversity is understood not only as gender diversity but also as diversity of knowledge and perspectives to comprehend these changes and address them inclusively.

In this context, companies that have diversity integrated into their DNA have a better understanding of the world and are capable of responding more effectively to the business challenges we face. The fact that companies understand and respond to diversity is an essential aspect that will help them generate greater added value and progress in this fluid society. Therefore, to advance socially and in business, it is necessary to be companies with diverse DNA in the broadest sense.

Integrating inclusion and non-discrimination policies in the workplace, promoting awareness and training programs for individuals, opting for inclusive spaces, establishing metrics and KPIs for talent attraction to be as diverse as possible, and setting goals to increase the representation of underprivileged groups are some of the measures that business leaders have at their disposal to integrate an inclusive DNA and increase our value.

Diverse talent is the key

Reflecting multiculturalism within the company has become a must, and to achieve this, it is mandatory to promote diversity, equality, respect, tolerance, and inclusion. It is also essential to encourage the implementation of selection, hiring, development, promotion, and compensation policies based on merit, abilities, skills, and competencies.

Despite Spain being considered one of the countries with a significant LGBTQIA+ population, the reality in the workplace is that visibility and representation of these individuals in executive positions is limited. Therefore, there is a need for reflection on their inclusion in the committees of IBEX companies, as well as their increasing participation in leadership roles.

The only way to achieve diverse professional teams is to continue working towards equity and inclusion, especially in the technology sector, to which our company belongs, which also demands a particular talent profile.

The only way is to understand that we, as companies, have a responsibility to raise awareness about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) topics and to promote initiatives that have three key elements at their core: embracing diversity and accepting our differences, fostering the equitable development and growth of talents, and raising awareness to expand knowledge and take action against inequality.

Diversity in the broadest sense

If we turn to the United Nations Global Compact initiative in Spain, we can see that diversity is not limited solely to gender identities and sexual orientations, but also encompasses cognitive diversity. In this sense, if a company has diverse ways of thinking, ages, perspectives, cultural backgrounds, and abilities within their teams, it can significantly enrich decision-making processes and foster innovation and creativity.

According to a study conducted by the University of Alicante, it has been proven that companies that embrace diversity in their DNA improve in numerous aspects. These include increased flexibility and respect, differentiation and uniqueness, enhanced value in experience and leadership, customer loyalty, brand image, corporate reputation, and talent attraction. By ensuring that the best individuals work in our company regardless of their origin, gender, nationality, age, etc., we can create a positive work environment where people are happier, leading to a clear impact on productivity and organizational outcomes.

The concept of "being able to be authentic" in the workplace is gaining increasing relevance, and it can be achieved by fostering a healthy work environment with a focus on diversity. Allowing employees to be their true selves contributes to improving their satisfaction and productivity. However, only 41% of companies claim to offer freedom to express one's identity in the workplace, indicating that 60% still have work to do in this regard.

Learning to respect and empathize becomes essential. Diversity in all its forms is a driver of change and a key to addressing current challenges. Companies that embrace diversity and inclusion are better equipped to respond to changes and generate greater value.

While DEI topics have gained significant relevance for companies, we still have an important journey ahead. Therefore, we encourage the promotion of equitable development and growth of talents by fostering initiatives of equality and inclusion and utilizing Artificial Intelligence for talent attraction. Our commitment as companies is to establish a safe and dynamic work environment where everyone can thrive and contribute their best. Let's make it happen.

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