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April 17, 2023

Mexico City, April 17, 2023.- NEORIS, a leading global digital accelerator with over 22 years of experience, has appointed Enrique Perezyera as the new President for Mexico. The Mexican executive will be responsible for continuing the company's growth and expansion plans, in addition to strengthening NEORIS’ presence in the country, one of the most important and largest markets for the company.

With this appointment, the company reinforces its management team during a time of growth and industry challenges in Mexico and Latin America by incorporating a business leader with recognized prestige and extensive experience in the technology sector and digital environments.

“At NEORIS, we pride ourselves on having the highest level of technological expertise in the market, which enables us to effectively support companies in their digital transformation. However, we recognize that none of this would be possible without a top-tier team. Therefore, the addition of Enrique further strengthens our team and will allow us to successfully expand our presence in the Mexican market,” stated Martín Mendez, CEO of NEORIS.

Enrique Perezyera brings over 30 years of experience in the industry to NEORIS. Throughout his professional career, he has worked for renowned companies such as Hewlett Packard, IBM, Oracle, SugarCRM, Salesforce, and most recently, as Non-Executive President of Microsoft Mexico, where he also served as General Director for four years. His unwavering determination, exceptional leadership skills, and results-driven approach have enabled him to achieve double-digit growth in his previous roles. He has also successfully established new subsidiaries and expanded market presence in Mexico, Brazil, and throughout Latin America

Enrique has also been instrumental in transforming organizational culture by leading with a vision based on excellence. He has a long-standing commitment to developing inclusive leadership teams that are diverse in terms of gender, nationality, age, and other factors. Furthermore, his focus on innovation and creativity is strongly aligned with NEORIS' values and DNA. This appointment represents a strategic advantage for the company as it seeks to expand growth opportunities and enter a new era.

"I am a strong believer in technology and NEORIS' mission to help companies become more competitive through the digital transformation of their businesses. My passion is focused on serving and building world-class teams that lead our clients, collaborators, and our country to success. Therefore, NEORIS' culture and its strong commitment to innovation will be important pillars of our work, and I assume it with great enthusiasm. I am sure we will achieve many successes together, as Mexico is destined to be one of the most relevant economies in the world. Building a better, responsible and more sustainable future is one of the main challenges we share, and this is a unique opportunity," commented Enrique Perezyera about his arrival.

In addition to his work in the technology industry, Enrique also contributes to social projects such as Albergue San Cristóbal and serves as an Independent Director of He holds a Computer Science degree from El Tecnológico de Monterrey, as well as an MBA and a Master's in economics.

With Enrique joining the firm, NEORIS strengthens its management team as it continues to lead the digital transformation of hundreds of companies across the globe, most of which belong to the Fortune 500 ranking. The company's extensive market knowledge and technological expertise enable it to develop innovative solutions based on cutting-edge technologies for industries in various fields


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