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October 31, 2022

Mexico City October 28 2022 – NEORIS. The intelligent use of technological resources is essential for companies to achieve levels of competitiveness that allow them to stay afloat in an increasingly complex and volatile market. Among the most useful allies in meeting these objectives is data management in the cloud.

According to FutureScape: Global IT Industry 2022 Predictions, the latest study by global intelligence firm IDC, 80% of enterprises will use cloud-linked services by 2023. The study also forecasted that the adoption of tools in the cloud will grow that same year by more than 30%.

This is the case for NEORIS, a global digital accelerator working on cloud solutions for companies from various industries which have gone on to witness the technology’s many advantages which include improving cost efficiency, helping companies be prepared for changes, being more flexible, innovative and to gain in competitiveness.

“Using the cloud presents a great opportunity for companies in any industry. Its high operating efficiency is helping companies optimize costs and increase profitability,” said Noel Flores, Chief Architect & Offer Manager of NEORIS Mexico, during his participation in the CIO Summit ONE 2022, where Mexico's leading companies recently met.

During the event, Flores reiterated NEORIS' commitment to continue supporting companies in their digital transformation process, while inviting companies to realize the importance of using the cloud to take advantage of its benefits and proven effectiveness.

Such is its reception and receptivity within the business world that the consulting firm Gartner projects that the cloud industry will experience massive future growth and that by 2026, it will represent more than 45% of all business spending on IT. Flores highlighted the implementation of instruments such as the automation and intelligence of basic tasks (Artificial Intelligence, IoT or RPA), greater data visibility (Data Management) and self-learning systems (Machine Learning), among others.

Flores emphasized that infrastructures in the cloud “not only mean promoting companies so that they reach the high levels of agility and competitiveness that the market itself is demanding, but also help them gain ground in terms of sustainability and social responsibility. These types of cloud solutions can be three or four times more efficient from an energy point of view.”

Through its participation in CIO Summit ONE 2022, NEORIS reaffirmed its willingness to continue promoting cloud services or Cloud Computing as a market in continuous growth and is expected to maintain this trend in the coming years. “The cloud is a key lever in the digitization of companies, many of which already follow a Cloud First strategy for any digitization project. The digital transformation of companies in the region will be a reality in the Cloud or it is not going to happen,” Flores concluded.


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