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December 04, 2023

Buenos Aires City. November 29, 2023. NEORIS, the global digital accelerator with roots in Rosario, received four EIKON Awards last night: three golds for the "WeAreNEOS" campaign—the first developed entirely using Artificial Intelligence (AI)—and one blue for "Accelerating Towards a New Era."

During the ceremony held at Hotel Intercontinental Buenos Aires yesterday, the company clinched distinctions in the international categories of Internal Communication; Corporate Identity Communication (the latter also recognized at a national level); and for the Overall International Dissemination Campaign.

"This marks our second participation, and our proposals have once again been honored by the prestigious panel. This recognition signifies to us that projects must be disruptive, tech-driven, and focused on those who make NEORIS," expressed with gratitude Jorge Lukowski, Global Director of Marketing and Communications.

"WeAreNEOS" stands as the pioneering initiative crafted entirely through AI, transforming talents into brand ambassadors. Across various platforms, the company succeeded in creating more personalized, realistic, and futuristic avatars aiming to reflect NEORIS' values and personality.

This campaign received the most awards—three garnered last night and two awarded on November 7 at the Chilean edition of the EIKON Awards: the Silver distinction in Corporate Identity Communication and the Gold in Internal Communication.

"WeAreNEOS” marked a significant step for the company by not only breaking the sector's status quo through an AI-driven communication campaign but also aiding us in talent acquisition," added the communication department's executive.

Additionally, NEORIS presented "Accelerating Towards a New Era," the campaign heralding Advent International's majority partnership and the new path they would embark upon to expand the brand's presence across diverse international markets.

Concluding his statement, Lukowski emphasized that each proposal carries its unique challenge. Yet, with the perspective of a multicultural team and an ardent drive to break barriers, combined with technological support, achieving significant results is indeed plausible. Looking ahead to the coming year, they aspire to participate once more with proposals that continue to make a resounding impact in the market.

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