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Welcome to the Future of Software Development with NEORIS

We are taking software and digital product development to a new level through our innovative Digital Delivery Center, powered by the latest generation of Generative Artificial Intelligence.

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Our offering: innovation in development and testing

Discover how Generative AI can accelerate the development of your projects.

Thanks to advanced tools to code more accurately and efficiently, we significantly reduce delivery times and improve the quality of the final software.

Boost your productivity

Our technology not only streamlines development, but also optimizes every phase of the process, from conception to implementation.

This translates into projects completed in less time, allowing you to outperform the competition and achieve your business goals faster.

Maximizing your Go To Market

Our focus on efficiency and quality not only improves performance, but also lowers operating costs.

With NEORIS, you invest in solutions that provide a tangible return, thanks to our ability to maximize resources and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Advanced metrics evaluation

We meticulously measure the benefits of applying Generative AI to your projects, including improvements in productivity, efficiency and, crucially, a significant increase in your profit margins.

Our advanced analytics methodology ensures that you can make informed decisions based on real data and measurable results.

How do we achieve this?

We apply Generative AI at every stage of the Secure Software Development Life Cycle - SSDLC, creating a new standard in DevTools 2.0 development tools.

With this approach, we define the requirement and its planning, including coding, testing, support and maintenance, all powered by AI capabilities.


Requirement planning and analysis to estimate scope and costs, based on historical data.


Developer Coding, Testing, SAST and DAST & Tier 1 Support Center.


Setup and Onboarding, Security, Release Management, DevSecOps, and Tier 3 technical tasks.

CODAI: Improving Productivity

We implement PAIR Programming practices and Agile methodologies throughout the software development lifecycle to maximize efficiency. Our process includes:

1. Discovery

We generate a release plan and scope of the requirement. We evaluate your current SSDLC and its maturity level, as well as the repositories, and apply the DevSecOps - CI/CD model.

2. Repository migration

We adopt Git working models for more efficient collaboration and code management.

3. Measuring productivity efficiency

We use SSDLC Agile metrics and dashboards to monitor productivity, supporting development with surveys and continuous feedback.

Empowering deep integration for borderless innovation

We leverage the power of the community and the efficiency of collaborative tools, particularly GitHub Enterprise, to accelerate the delivery of exceptional solutions.

  • Each process meets the highest quality standards from the planning stage and is protected against vulnerabilities, ensuring robust and reliable solutions.

  • This platform facilitates code review, project management and continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD), enabling teams to work together, no matter where they are located.

  • We automate software workflows, from testing and quality analysis to deployments and monitoring, all within the same environment.

Why choose CODAI?

Choosing CODAI means partnering with NEORIS to develop cutting-edge digital solutions, because we deeply understand your business needs and are committed to delivering the best results.

Our proposal unites human capacity with AI precision to offer innovative and high-value software solutions, ensuring that your company not only keeps up with the times, but also leads in the era of technological innovation.

Join us on this journey to digital transformation and discover how your business can succeed to new heights.