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We lead the digital transformation of our clients through the adoption of DevOps for mainframe systems.

NEORIS specializes in automating the development cycle of mainframe environments and provides its clients with a unique and comprehensive methodology accompanied by a team of experts in IBM z systems and new open-source technologies.

Our Benefits and Value Proposition:

Reduced Investment Outlay + Controlled Impact = Rapid Returns on Investment

Get to know our accelerator suite designed to optimize IBM Z Systems development cycles.

Data Set Editor is an extension for Visual Studio Code that improves the visualization of EBCDIC files.

  1. By default, the interface view resembles the terminal tool used for the same purpose, called ISPF.

  2. The experience can be improved if you have the copybook layout of your dataset. The interface view will give you the option to load a copybook, switching to a table view that automatically translates the data types.

  3. This extension also has compatibility with "Zowe Explorer." Plus, it also adds to this extension the ability to open your files with ZD Editor directly from the mainframe. If you have the copybook layout uploaded to a PDS (Partitioned Data-Set), you can also apply this copybook from the explorer to obtain the table view.

JD Graph is a tool that allows you to import all batch task schedules to represent them graphically in Visual Studio Code.

  1. Detects all the entry and exit conditions of each planned Job Control Language (JCL), generating a very powerful analysis tool for development teams.

  2. This extension allows you to select a JCL from the project workspace to diagram all the dependencies and flow associated with it. These diagrams can be exported to Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format for easy uploading to application documentation spaces.

  3. Supports setting JCL and verifies that the work files, necessary for the execution of the JCL, exist before the execution process. In addition, this tool can launch the JCLs against the z/OS System, so that the results are quickly displayed.

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