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August 31, 2023

Madrid, August 31, 2023 – The ever-evolving technology Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers some of the greatest economic opportunities for the global economy. Data and business intelligence platform Statista predicts the total value of the AI market in all regions will exceed USD 300 billion in 2025. So far, most of the pioneering activity has been within the United States, where between 2013 and 2022 private investments in AI came close to USD 249 billion. Other significant investments include those within China and the United Kingdom, representing USD 95.1 and USD 18.2 billion, respectively.

It was within this context that NEORIS, the digital accelerator with more than 20 years of experience in the technology sector, attended the 37th AMETIC Meeting of the Digital Economy and Telecommunications. The title of the gathering, "AMETIC: 50 Years Promoting the Digital Industry,” honored the 50th anniversary of the Spanish organization’s founding and its many decades promoting the role of digitization in sustainability, recovery and reinvention in Spain’s economy, industries and society.

Jorge Lukowski, NEORIS Global Director of Communication and Marketing, participated as a speaker at the roundtable "Artificial Intelligence, applications and use cases.” Among a range of topics, Lukowski highlighted the importance of the technology sector for the Spanish and European economies, the boom of the IV Industrial Revolution as a platform for the development of sustainable businesses and the role AI plays in a constantly evolving business world.

“I am convinced that technology is a tool that, when used properly, drives growth and development. Particularly with AI, it is important to take a step in that direction and focus on taking advantage of all the opportunities it offers for companies to carry out their activities in a more efficient, agile, safe, ethical and competitive way, as it is an enabler of unlimited possibilities,” Lukowski explained.

The exponential growth of AI has generated a wide range of benefits that are only now beginning to be explored, especially if one takes into account the technology’s strategic ability to improve productivity between 25 and 40%. At NEORIS, AI is incorporated as a work partner aiding the more than 5,000 talents the company has around the world. The versatile, innovative technology supports the talents in their daily work, increasing their capacity and productivity, while simultaneously enhancing their unique abilities, values and the human touch they provide to clients.

“We are passionate about the culture of innovation and continuous improvement. We work to promote real changes in business models and people through disruptive solutions. We work on the development of projects for companies from all sectors that, leveraged by this technology, promote efficiency, cost and time reduction, data analysis and management, along with the optimization of tasks and improving the speed of business processes,” added Lukowski.

“There is no need to be afraid of technology. You have to get to understand it, take advantage of it and put it into service for what society and the planet needs,” Lukowski highlighted, further commenting, “in the current context, entrepreneurs are called to embrace technology with all its transformative power. We believe that it is better to talk about Augmented Intelligence, that special combination of Artificial Intelligence combined with creativity, talent and human skills to generate Intelligent Interactions that bring forward exceptional results.”



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