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April 02, 2024

Madrid, April 3, 2024 – NEORIS, a global digital accelerator with over 20 years of experience in digital transformation for large enterprises, reaffirms its commitment to DevOps strategies for mainframe modernization and positions itself as a strategic partner for its clients.

The digital accelerator, spearheading the transformation of these systems in some of the world's largest organizations, announced in 2023 the launch of NEORIS zDevOps, its own suite featuring five extensions which are already available for download on the Visual Studio Code Marketplace:

File Editor enables visualization and editing of sequential files (QSAM) generated on IBM Z systems.

Scheduler Viewer Enables visualization of batch process programming executed in the production environment.

COBOL Lint performs real-time analysis of COBOL code quality rules.

BMS Designer generates CICS and BMS Maps program screens in a graphic and dynamic way.

Software Control Management Enables connection to IBM SCLM and manages the software development lifecycle within a unified, modern environment, thereby enhancing productivity and user experience.

“There are still many organizations that want to maintain their mainframe systems, mainly due to how robust and secure they are. Through our methodology, we implement new development models (CI/CD) based on our clients' current distributed technological stacks, thus maximizing their return of investment in the Z Platform," says Luis López, Global Director of Mainframe Innovation and Modernization at NEORIS.

Mainframe system transformation is necessary since it enables for organizations to become more agile and efficient, as development cycles have not evolved in recent decades. Modernization through DevOps strategies can yield significant benefits such as cost and development time reductions, attraction of new talent, and the reduction of dependencies as well as third-party licenses.

“Another benefit organizations will experience when modernizing their mainframe is an increase in their development teams' productivity by more than 25%. Additionally, by maintaining their current technological stack, we reduce the impact and culture change associated with the implementation of new development tools," adds Luis López

Download NEORIS zDevOps extensions from the Visual Studio Code Marketplace.

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