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March 11, 2024

Madrid, March 11th, 2024. As part of its Diversity and Inclusion strategy, NEORIS has announced its adoption of EJE&CON´s Code of Good Practices for Talent Management and Improvement of Corporate Competitiveness. NEORIS, the global digital accelerator, with over 20 years of experience in the digital transformation of large enterprises, now joins over 150 organizations that have embraced EJE&CON´s Code of Good Practices. The dual objective is to enhance women's access to top management positions and board roles while also improving competitiveness through specific measures.

This action adds to the company's ongoing initiatives to narrow the gender gap and foster an inclusive work environment where all talents, free from gender biases, can fully develop their potential. Among these initiatives, the establishment of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee stands out, promoting actions to achieve equitable representation at all levels and functions within the organization, including leadership positions. Another globally significant action by the company is #RaiseYourVoice, which highlights the work of women who are role models in their respective fields each year. Additionally, NEORIS was recognized by Women Forward as one of the top 50 companies promoting equality in Spain in 2023.

Luis Álvarez Satorre, President of NEORIS in EMEA, has also been serving as the Vice President of Strategy on the board of EJE&CON for several years. "Creating a workplace that fosters gender diversity requires the commitment of everyone, not just women, but also organizations, society, and, of course, men. Instead of being mere spectators, we must become active allies, advocating for equal opportunities, and breaking down barriers. I am confident that NEORIS' presence in EJE&CON will help us drive a more inclusive and equitable work environment," stated Álvarez Satorre.

On the other hand, Cristina Valles, General Manager of NEORIS in Spain, stated, "This membership in EJE&CON reflects our strong commitment to diversity and inclusion in leadership positions. It is crucial for executives and companies to raise awareness and undertake initiatives to promote equal opportunities and talent development without gender barriers."

The EJE&CON code encompasses the primary standards applicable to diversity and equality, aiming to ensure the competitiveness and sustainability of companies and institutions. Additionally, it outlines a set of specific measures based on four core principles, including promoting equal opportunities through top management commitment, establishing mechanisms to bring transparency to equal opportunity policies, fostering gender-neutral talent recognition, and promoting a culture that encourages a balanced relationship between the organization and the individual.

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