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July 23, 2020

The migration of SAP environments to the Azure cloud is a trend that has been developing in the technology industry more markedly in recent times since it presupposes benefits of an agile, flexible and resilient platform. This trend reflects the need to optimize and improve the efficiency of operations in preparation for a robust and stable foundation to drive digital transformation.

Implementations or migrations from SAP to Azure are relevant to our customers for many reasons mainly due to:

  • Improve service
  • Improve the innovation process
  • Catalyze digital transformation
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Reduce obsolescence
  • Greater alignment between business units, their processes and their technology
  • Maximize SAP investments by reallocating infrastructure costs

What does NEORIS give as a competitive advantage to carry out these migrations? How does NEORIS add value at each point? And what in general as NEORIS we look for when doing a SAP migration in Azure:

  • NEORIS is one of the first firms in the region to implement innovation platforms for business and multinational clients
  • With a strong focus on the customer industry, as well as more than 20 years 'experience in the market, NEORIS combines innovation with experience, understanding, guiding and supporting organizations' digital transformation needs
  • With the implementation and migration of SAP in Azure, we seek to provide customers with unprecedented agility and resilience, freeing up resources from the operation to invest in transformation, innovation and competitive advantage
  • Reduction of efforts and costs for software maintenance
  • Improve availability and response capacity
  • Global shared services support
  • Business agility, collaboration and flexibility
  • Cybersecurity strategy
  • Avoid the obsolescence of SAP technology by adopting the HANA database with the flexibility and availability of a secure cloud system

What was the feedback from our clients?

From the voice of our clients we have heard how technology is changing the way they do things and obtaining benefits that are new in these organizations. Next, we present one of the many benefits that they manifested:

  • A leading company in the retail industry used to plan its replenishment for 4 months ahead, and since the process to do the planning took 7 hours, they had to start the process at 11:00 PM, when the receipt was not yet received. information on the operation of some stores with different time zones, so planning was not accurate. With the support of NEORIS, and the SAP products in the Azure cloud, this company today can plan 6 months ahead in just 3 hours, thus allowing information to be collected from all stores before starting the process, making it which generates more accurate forecasts by 18%.

One of our largest manufacturing customers shares quotes from their internal users:

RMS Plant P034

التحديث الجديد اضافه سرعه ملحوظه في عمل الساب وهذا شي جيدا بالنسيه لنا 
ونتمني المزيد من التقدم والنجاح 
شكرا  فريق    
مشغل المحطه / احمد رضا 

“The new update added remarkable speed while working at SAP and this is a good thing for us. We wish for more progress and success."


RMS Plant P002

نحيط سيادتكم علما انه ولله الحمد هناك تحسن واضح في السرعه وذلك للجهد المبذول من سيادتكم في هذا المجال ولسيادتكم منا جزيل الشكر

"We inform you that, thanks to GOD, there is a clear improvement in speed, due to the efforts made by you in this update, and many thanks to you."


Process & IT Manager - Spain

"For my part as a user to approve purchase orders, the times are excellent, the
twice as fast.”

Financial Accounting Advisor | Business Service Organization
“Until now the system works much faster than the previous one. For example, to download reports of more than 20 thousand lines (FBL3N) or simply the trial balance (F.01) of Soc. 4000, it denotes a significant saving in minutes."

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