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R1C1 Foundational

Smarter End-to-end Application Services and Platforms

To be the disruptor and not disrupted, you need to put innovation at the heart of your applications, but finding a practical path to doing so requires tact and know-how. We combine the power of leading platforms—Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, with our intelligence, innovation and deep-industry knowledge and capabilities to drive large-scale, platform-enabled transformation.

R1C2 Foundational


Delivering Speed and Flexibility Through Application Modernization

The pace of technology’s progression has unified data and infrastructures, empowering enterprises to deploy a more agile and efficient implementation of modernized applications in existing legacy systems. It’s important to leverage cost-efficient and globally delivered skills to foster platform adoption and application optimization. We leverage our framework of proven planning, assessment, and diagnostics tools to guide IT leaders through the migration from existing systems to their desired future state; whilst minimizing risks and costs.


Agile Methodology with an Iterative Approach

To circumvent the frailties of stagnant positioning, enterprises must continually evolve in technologies and capabilities with lean IT to create new market value. Our highly experienced Agile coaches, Scrum Masters and delivery resources enable high-performing output, accelerate speed to market, increase quality and reduce the loss of time and resources at a nearshore rate. The most successful companies are able to pivot, iterate, and move quickly to capture opportunities and market share.


Quality, Control, and Testing Strategies at the Speed of Business

We help companies transform their testing organization to form an innovation-focused machine. Powering this transformation with testing automation, and quality assurance best practices. Our testing experts work directly with your team for training and guidance to create an end-to-end process, providing dedicated support and seamless feedback.


Application Management Services at the Heart of Digital Transformation

We understand that organizations need to disrupt in their industries in order to remain competitive; not only delivering at greater speed and efficiency but heavily investing in innovation and digitalization. Application managed services and IT Service Management enables organizations to lower their IT operating costs, decrease the number of highly specialized yet underutilized resources and lean into a dependable support platform.


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