Culture Transformation

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As technology and innovation continues to reshape businesses, the reality is that people and organizations are increasingly challenged to continuously adapting to change. 

Breaking down formal walls and hierarchies while creating a new culture to embrace innovation become critical success ingredients as companies pursue new collaboration models across the globe. Digital transformation succeeds when you create a digital culture, with people and innovation moving at the same pace.

Ultimately, culture transformation is all about establishing key mechanisms to embrace change. Creating evangelists of change that can assist in the adoption of innovation across the business can help make a big difference. They inject enthusiasm and energy to the process. Identifying and incorporating key change evangelists early in innovation cycle is key. 

We help clients to establish enterprise-wide cultural transformation programs that are intentional efforts to drive organizational readiness for the digital future. We deliver:

  • Minimum viable change to experiment, learn and define best ways to move the organization forward
  • Feedback-driven approach to engage the organization and achieve change
  • Internal change processes to enable rapid adoption of changes driven by digital transformation
  • Development of digital leaders and transformation leads inside the organization


Our Value

Our goal is to help companies to achieve their digital aspirations. The value we deliver focuses on these key areas:

  • Simplifying the change process to achieve faster results and promote digital transformation
  • Understanding business impacts based on our Industry and process knowledge
  • Knowledge of capabilities and culture changes needed to become a digital company
  • Ability to rapidly measure and report culture transformation impediments
  • Help clients understand the connections between their digital strategy, operations transformation and disruptive innovation with culture and organization change implications

Business Outcomes

Clients benefit from the following outcomes:

  • Increased change and digital maturity
  • Increased probability of meeting objectives on time and on budget
  • Higher change adoption speeds, more efficient change adoption process
  • Better prepared for continuous adoption of change
  • Minimize risks of implementing change and/or business disruption.

Practice Leadership

Gabriela Gutterres de Brito
Culture Transformation Practice Leader
Sao Paulo, Brazil