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By Rodrigo Kennedy Ramirez


června 08, 2020

June 5 of 2020 – Due to the rising threat of contagion and exponential increase of Coronavirus cases in Perú, several companies linked to the mining sector had seen their operations halted almost completely. Amidst the uncertainty, loss of job places and mounting monetary loss, the Peruvian mining industry has found help in an unexpected ally: A Latinamerican Tech company called NEORIS. With Mexican origins, but offices all around the world, NEORIS launched on March a digital solution aimed at helping companies return to work while protecting the health of their entire workforce through the use of AI, advanced algorithms, geolocalization and intelligent monitoring of the pandemic with amazing precision.

In the past weeks, two of the largest mining and construction companies in Perú adopted the solution, and are now using it daily to follow closely the health status and risk of contagion of more than 8000 individual employees. The companies claim that the functionalities of the solution are a key asset in planning the full return to work and reopening of operations in a country where the pandemic has hit hard, with a possible collapse of the sanitary system in the horizon. Some of these key functionalities are a Smart facility evaluation which helps divide the “Return to work” effort into 4 progressive stages with short and long term objectives and multiple parameters.

HealthCheck is now being used in over 16 countries across every continent, helping protect the health of over 220.000 employees, a number that keeps rising every day, as companies feel the need to reactivate regional economies. “We believe that companies are part of the social fabric which we need to strengthen during a crisis such as this one, because without the stability that they provide as economic pillars, the damage from the pandemic will grow exponentially” says Martín Mendez, CEO of NEORIS.

Rodrigo Kennedy, one of the Experts from NEORIS Perú, has said about the solution: “HealthCheck has helped companies in Peru take care of their collaborators as well as support occupational health and safety committees in complying with the Covid-19 Surveillance, Prevention and Control protocols, executing preventive actions to avoid a possible closure of operations. In both companies where the solution is running, they have an adoption rate of 80% and it is increasing every week, which shows that both companies and users consider HealthCheck as a useful tool for monitoring their health.

The platform contains all the necessary information for the health of employees: Behavioral guidelines to follow at work, social distancing rules, caution and communication protocols, emergency contacts and more. All this information and functions generate a solid tool, designed to bring calm and control to the operations of many companies which have seen a total or partial halt in their workflow.

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Ariana B. Fernandez
Regional Marketing Manager South and Andean Region

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