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Linking AI, Automation and Knowledge Management to Capture New Opportunities

By embedding Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine automation, knowledge graphs and advanced analytics at the core of their business models, organizations are breaking down silos and driving more agile and adaptive processes that enable more effective data-driven decision making. We leverage the power of AI in business to help unlock new insights and create more intelligent processes for our clients to drive more value from their data across the enterprise and provide excellent customer experiences at a decreased service-cost per customer.


Bringing Data Together for Augmented Intelligence

Today’s enterprises’ data management tools enable companies to “know what they know,” but don’t reveal insights that are outside an initial query’s scope. We augment existing tools with next-generation machine intelligence and graph computing technologies in order to generate a unified data model across the enterprise that provides a way to seamlessly exchange knowledge across the business and technical domains. The result is a powerful data fabric generated by layers of interconnected, contextualized information that powers actionable insights for the most pressing business challenges.

Our enterprise knowledge graph solutions augment an organization’s data-intelligence by providing advanced internet search-like functionality that allows the enterprise to find immediate answers to critical business and operational questions. A single logical view of an organization’s data incorporates the views of many tools and allows for them to interoperate and exchange knowledge internally and with the outside world in order to realize economic and business value, making data a key strategic differentiator.


Turning Data into Knowledge to Meet New Digital Demands

Transforming model-driven approaches to be more flexible and agile is our goal in order to enable our clients to do more with existing business processes (instead of creating new processes) and help realize tangible business value. Taking disconnected data from across the organization, unifying and enriching it via next-generation graph data stores and making it actionable through advanced AI and machine learning techniques is the most impactful way to advance an enterprise’s knowledge-driven digital transformation efforts.


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